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The haystack of information is huge and increases every day. Still you would like to find an answer to your question quickly because time can be of the essence for your patient, for you or simply because other matters need your attention too. Mplion can offer this service. Just fill in our application form and Mplion will search for you. As a result you will receive a limited amount of relevant articles which answer your question.
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Desk research

A busy practice with a consultation every ten minutes. Many patients, many questions, also with you! Research
shows that this can amount to as many as three or four questions per day about policy or diagnostics, which are not answered by the guidelines.

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Does this sound familiar? In good spirits you start searching the internet but soon you come to the conclusion that you are getting too many hits and irrelevant references in your search results. How to solve this?

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We are a team dedicated to obtain the best possible information for you

We are specialised in desk research

Mplion is specialised in searching in a structured way for answers to (medical) questions and in training people in these techniques.

Deskresearch & training

If you do not have the time to do desk research yourself, Mplion will gladly take that job off your hands. If you want to become better at carrying out desk research yourself, then you are at the right place at Mplion to train you.

With attention for you

Every question is different, every target group for a training is different. Mplion delivers tailor-made solutions. In consultation with you, we determine in advance what the objectives are that you want to achieve so that we can provide you with the best possible support.
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Mirell Papenhuijzen
Clinical Librarian

In 1995 I graduated in Information Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. After that I started to specialise myself in giving advice about and conducting literature research. Since 2000 I am working as a clinical librarian in a teaching hospital. Being curious and eager to learn, every question to solve is a new challenge for me. I like a personal approach, am a good listener and you can count on me. Let me save you time and trouble in searching through multiple databases.

Peter Bennink
Back office & ICT support

In 1992 I graduated in Computer Science at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In the 25 years that followed, I fulfilled several roles in ICT, varying from programmer to project manager at both commercial and government institutions. For Mplion I arrange everything that has to do with technology and assist in the back office.

N A N O W E R K . C O M


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If you want more information about our services or if you are looking for a solution in the field of desk research & training that is not literally described on our website, please contact us. Mplion delivers tailor-made solutions. Together with you, we will find the best way to help you.
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